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“I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm and a solid sense of, ‘I’m where I should be.’ I have found a new way of being that is giving me everything that is important to me and I would not have been able to do it without David.”

-Brian Thompson, CFO for Hire

Live Clear. Live Powerfully.

(We’ll show you how.)

Clarity‌ • Inspiration‌ • Results

JSY Coaching & Consulting is dedicated to empowering people to create lives, families, and organizations that work, inspire, and produce extraordinary results faster than otherwise possible.

“David is really authentic and doesn’t let fear get in the way from being transparent with people. He is someone I can count on.”
– Justin O.

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About David

David Young - Life Coach and Business Coach in Columbus, Ohio

David is committed to enabling people to live life powerfully and passionately. He is committed to discovering what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives. He’s coached professionals, business leaders, students, parents, and small business owners to effectively create measurable results in areas of life that truly matter to them. David speaks internationally and inspires people to create results through their own creativity. One of his core beliefs is that people are born to create their lives, not survive them. At home, David balances his passion for others with his love of mixed martial arts and music. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Rika and their son.
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Motivational Speaking & Coaching

David Young - Life Coach and Business Coach in Columbus, Ohio

Want to create a breakthrough in your event or business? Hit the contact button to request us. We speak on various topics, work hard to deliver a meaningful experience for your audience, and make you look like a champion for bringing us in. Inspire us with your vision and we’ll make something happen.


Having David as a life coach has been one of the greatest privileges. David helps me become aware of what I really want in my life. He listens and asks the right questions which allow me to discover and reveal exactly what I need. Every time after I get off the phone, I somehow feel like I know and understand myself even better than before. This is priceless. I become in touch with who I really am and what I want. This brings me so much joy.
David always encourages to clearly establish what my next action steps are and when I will complete them. This is done at the end of the call so I walk away feeling clear, excited, and ready to jump into the task regardless of how daunting it originally seemed.
There is something really special about David that makes him unlike anyone I know. He goes above and beyond. David’s work is done with all of his heart. I can feel his investment, love , and care with everything he does.
David is a man of insatiable curiosity for people. He is striving to always expand himself and the people around him. He has an insatiable desire to excel, nurture, and grow himself. David has a knack for understanding what makes people tick, inspiring them, and giving them a sense of peace and calm. That’s what he does for people.
It was amazing to visualize living my dream, and to go even deeper into the experience of it, not only as an inspiring fantasy, but in the identification of the little doable steps needed to get there. We can create what we want with our life, and David has helped me get started with the life I always wanted.